The Human Touch in X-ray Technology

At ImaSight, we’re always available for the technical support you need for as long as you own your x-ray equipment. We offer direct online assistance for training, installation and emergencies, and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our client-care program includes a full five-year warranty* on the sensor and the wall stand, plus free software upgrades for two years.*

*applies to the ImaSight 4600 sensor

Veterinarian xray

Ease of Use

X-ray exams and diagnoses are so easy to do now. Our systems enable automatic x-ray acquisition, transfer and display in less than 10 seconds. ImaSight’s Vision software is fully designed for touchscreen operation, and we can teach you how to use it in less than an hour.

System Performance

At 4.6 lp/mm, with an 80-dB contrast ratio and 16-bit conversion, the ImaSight 4600 offers the best performance in the industry. For maximum reliability, the sensor is designed for low-power operation; it has no moving parts and doesn’t require cooling.


Intelligent Tools

In designing ImaSight Vision, we collaborated closely with veterinarians to precisely identify your needs. The result is optimized diagnostic tools that don’t require you to learn complicated imaging software. We’re proud to supply you with a powerful, intuitive set of tools that lets you quickly complete your diagnosis.

We offer total client care before, during and after installation. You’ll benefit from constant direct online support for any questions or emergencies that arise. We’re also available for training, and provide webinars to help you become better informed about our systems. Our ImaSight 4600 sensor comes with a five-year warranty, and we offer generous system-upgrade packages.

“The ImaSight solution really changed our culture. We’ve improved efficiency and reduced technician stress, and we can keep moving up with the technology.”

- Paul Camilo, Practice Administrator